Friday, July 24, 2009

Thirteen Things

saw this at One Gal's Musings and helped myself:


You know the Google Game: you key in your first name and the word “needs,” hit "search" and amuse yourself with the wacky answers. This week I’m trying a slight variation. Instead of finding out what cyberspace feels I need, I’m looking instead for what I want, and instead of using the venerable Google for help, I’ve turned to the newer search engine on the block, Bing.

It was very revealing. For Bing says that I need …

1) to calm down. If I were any more calm I'd be asleep.

2) to eat a steak sandwich while doing sit-ups. I'm hungry and need to exercise.

3) to start writing up her PhD. I'm well-educated.

4) needs a haircut on Vimeo okay, the first part is true. But Vimeo? Nah.

5) to see the audience, and they need to see her face and body language. I'm into performance art.

6) to know about your situation prior to scheduling an appointment. I like to be well-informed. And I'm a busy woman.

7) a family who is willing to learn how to care for her needs. Don't we all?

8) warm, purring, furry beasties to snuggle and make her feel better. A bunny!

9) to know how many will become her customers. I'm forward-thinking.

10) a loan so that she can buy the various tools necessary for her work. I'm ambitious, but broke.

11) needs to be known for something other than that ... I have a need for recognition?

12) a band. I'm musical

13) to go back to school or just grow-up! Stupid and/or immature?


  1. This was fun! I notice your answers have a more theatrical bet than mine did. And any woman who can eat a steak sandwich while doing sit ups deserves an audience!

  2. What fun! I"m going to have to swipe this for a rainy day. Oh, wait, it's raining *again* today, perhaps I'll save it for a sunny day.