Friday, June 19, 2009

ABC me

Swiped from Kwizgiver

: avoid speaking in infinitives
Average: most people are
Annoyance: mosquitos
Age: like fine wine

Best Friends
: I don’t really have any anymore
Beer: no thanks.
Birthday: October
Boast: not feeling really boastful

Crush: ...kill...destroy...
Car: just changed my alternator and fixed a flat tire
Candy: so many to choose from...Toblerone?
Cry: not in awhile

Days: should be for playing, not working
Dream: a little dream of me...
Dare: I haven't done anything really daring lately
Drug: this week my goal has been to remember to take my meds every day

Easy: Rider. I really didn't like that movie
Eggs: with ketchup
Email: I don't get nearly enough personal emails
Envy: don't really believe in it.


Flavors: chocolate
Favorites: I have so many and so few
Flaws: I have so many and so few
Finicky: not particularly

Grateful: every day
Gifts: yes, thank you
Gum: no, thank you
Gross: the usual stuff

Hair: out of control
Height: 5'4"
Happiest: the happiest person I know is my former supervisor
Hate: waste of time

Ice Cream
: chocolate, with stuff in it
Instrument: bass clarinet
Idols: Helen Keller.
Independence: I have lots of it

Jewelry: I should start wearing earrings again
Jail: more likely to send someone there than go there myself
Jenga: I think I played it once.
Jammies: yes

Kids: five
Karaoke: never tried it
Kicks: Crocs
Kiss: yes please

Longest: Time. A Billy Joel song I like
Life: is worth living
Lost: one of my favorite TV shows

Milk: I drink it rarely
Miss: Ms.
Movies: Love 'em.
Memory: ...all alone in the moonlight...

Nails: growing nicely
No: yes (I'm contrary)
Name: I like finding out the history behind names; not just what they mean, but how the parents chose them
Never: say never.

Ordinary: that's me
One: singular sensation (crazy with the Broadway music today)
Office: I work in one, but I'd like to have my own
Only: I'm the only one of my siblings to have grandchildren

Pet Peeves: people who complain all the time
Primal urge: I have them
Personality: I have that too
Pain: rarely

Quick: I'm not very quick
Quirk: plenty of 'em
Qualms: few of 'em
Quest: reminds me of Monty Python: "What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Reason to …
: dance
Reality TV: don't watch it
Rage: don't really have any
Regret: plenty of those

Song: Just one?
Season: autumn or spring, for different reasons
Shoes: I'd rather go barefoot
Silly: I love silliness

Time: never enough
Ticklish: shhh
Taste: impeccable
Torment: not anymore

Undress: daily, at least
Unpredictable: sometimes
Unfortunate: rarely
Unforgettable: I forget

Vegetables: love me some vegetables
Virgin: ...uh...
Vacation: I'd be on vacation every day if I could get away with it
Voice: gravelly

Worst Habit: laziness
Wish: can't really think of any right now
Waste: more than I should
Wander: I like to wander around and take pictures sometimes


X-Rated: private
X-Rays: yeah, I've had a few
X-Men:. first two movies were pretty good
X-marks the spot: never been treasure hunting

Year born: 1964
Yes: no (I'm contrary)
Yellow: submarine
Yearn: sometimes

Zoo Animal: giraffe
Zodiac: Libra
Zealous: not too often
Zzzz: ooo, nap. Nap good.

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  1. Funny how the prompts are interpreted differently...

    I haven't thought of Toblerone in ages!!!