Monday, May 04, 2009

Book review: The Last Wife of Henry VIII, Carolly Erickson

I listened to this on CD over the last week. It's hard to say whether the writing is melodramatic, or if that's the reader's style. Even so, it was an intriguing listen. I think Catherine Parr may be the least known of Henry's six wives. She survived Henry and went on to marry Thomas Seymour, a relative of wife #5. For all that happened to her, and the fact that she had a total of four husbands, Catherine's life was short. She died at 37.

This story is written as an autobiography, in the first person, and calling upon recollections. It would be interesting to know which of the details in the story are fabrication or supposition and which are fact.

The author, Carolly Erickson, has several other books out, and I liked this one well enough that I may look for another.

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