Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World TB Day 2009

TB isn't something we hear about very much, but there are 25,000 new cases in the U.S. each year.

From Wikipedia:

"One third of the World population">world's current population has been infected with M. tuberculosis, and new infections occur at a rate of one per second.However, most of these cases will not develop the full-blown disease; asymptomatic, latent infection is most common. About one in ten of these latent infections will eventually progress to active disease, which, if left untreated, kills more than half of its victims. In 2004, mortality and morbidity statistics included 14.6 million chronic active cases, 8.9 million new cases, and 1.6 million deaths, mostly in developing countries. In addition, a rising number of people in the developed world are contracting tuberculosis because their immune systems are compromised by immunosuppressive drugs, substance abuse, or AIDS."
What can we do? Raise awareness. Donate to organizations that are working to eradicate the disease. Donate to organizations that offer treatment. Make sure that we and our loved ones are immunized.

Find out more at www.stoptb.org.

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  1. I got a reminder from the Gates Foundation that today's the day. And I blogged that there's been a case identified at the University of Maine at Orono (Maine's largest public university). Timing...