Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie review: Rachel getting married

I'm not sure what prompted me to watch this. Perhaps it was surprise that Anne Hathaway - who I find adorable and charming - was nominated for an Oscar for her performance. I'm pretty sure I've read a couple of reviews about the movie this week.

The story involves Kym Buckman coming home from rehab for a few days to participate in her sister's wedding. As you'd expect, there are some strained moments from the beginning. And the strained moments are realistic, complete with the initial attempt at normalcy that eventually breaks down to backhanded jabs and bickering. The film is shot documentary-style with jumpy camera angles and grainy texture. None of it looks like the cover image on the DVD.

Anne Hathaway as Kym gives a fantastic performance. She's the embodiment of how self-centered addictions are. The entire wedding ends up being about her, her addiction and her recovery. You would never link this woman with Ella Enchanted, nor should you.

Debra Winger also turns in a great performance as Kym and Rachel's mother. The moments between her and Kym are some of the best in the movie.

Nevertheless, this was a hard movie to sit through. It seems to drag on forever, and you wonder if it'll ever be over. Just imagine how it would be to live through these couple of days.

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