Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday Movie Meme: Eye Candy

Over at the Bumbles Blog, they've listed their favorite eye-candy movie stars. How could I not play along?

Brad Pitt (handsome and hangdog in The Devil's Own)

Harrison Ford (Han Solo. Indie. 'nuff said)

George Clooney (Consistently amazing-looking, as in Intolerable Cruelty)

Mark Harmon (looking very distinguished in Chasing Liberty)

Zac Efron (young but pretty in Hairspray)

Rob Lowe (in Thank You for Smoking. It's the jaw. You can't go wrong with a strong jaw).
 Rob Lowe, who describes his West Wing character as a

and for the guys...
Catherine Zeta-Jones

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  1. Oh - Thank You For Smoking was great - I totally forgot about Lowe in that one - love the bad guy.

    I loved Indie - especially the 3rd one with Sean Connery as Dad - who wasn't too bad himself back in the day!