Monday, January 19, 2009

Thirteen things that delight me

Swiped shamelessly from The Gal Herself

1. The ocean. I'm awed by its size and power.

2. Five-part a capella harmony. Amazing stuff, that is.

3. Baby laughter. Guaranteed to get a laugh from just about anyone.

4. Babies sleeping. Tugs your heartstrings.

5. Lambs. There's something about frolicking that gets me every time.

6. Fireworks. Gives me a little thrill.

7. Bunnies. Again with the frolicking.

8. Witty repartee. An intelligent debate that includes not only well-thought-out positions, but the occasional zinger and some good comebacks (on television, good examples were Frasier and The West Wing). Exhilarating. Even better when I'm one of the participants.

9. A breeze on a hot day. Cools you off, lifts the hair off your neck, lifts your spirits.

10. Chocolate. I bow to The Gal Herself. "Dark chocolate. Hot chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate. Ghirardelli’s chocolate. Hostess cupcakes chocolate. It’s all good." I couldn't have said it better.

11. Fresh-baked cookies. Doesn't matter what kind. The smell of baking cookies makes instant happiness.

12. Changing seasons. I love that it snows in the winter, blooms in the spring, bakes in the summer and burns in the fall. When it gets to be too hot or too cold, I know it's just a matter of weeks before it's too cold or too hot.

13. A certain aftershave on a certain someone. Catching a whiff will make my day.


  1. As you noted, we agree on chocolate. Cute frolicking critters, too! And #13 sounds so romantic. Great list, great mood lifter.

  2. Thanks!

    yes the right fragrance on the right person can