Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In memoriam: John Updike

photo: Omnivoracious

Author John Updike died on Tuesday in Massachusetts. He was 76. He was a prolific writer (50 books in 50 years) and a well-respected one. Updike won nearly every prize for literature that there is, including two Pulitzers.

I've never read his work, although it's not for lack of availability. I'm going to have to give his "Rabbit" series a try.


  1. I saw that yesterday too. I had no idea he lived in MA just like me! I also have never read any of his work but it seems like I should have along the way. Thanks for visiting our blog!

    1. Signs and signage – road signs, movie marquees, newspaper headlines real and imaginary, municipal signs, electronic message boards, storefronts, etc. – function as important indicators of the shifts, changes, and developments in Angstrom’s consciousness as he grows older throughout the decades chronicled in Updike’s ‘Rabbit’ series. Perhaps I should say Angstrom’s awareness of the signs, or, to be a bit more accurate, Updike’s descriptions of Angstrom’s awareness of the signs, rather than the signs themselves.

  2. hey, we're practically neighbors! If you do read an Updike book, let's see a review!

  3. John Updike's passing is sad, but he left a ton of awesome work. "Immortality is nontransferrable" he said appropriately.