Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more Christmas meme

Because I can. And because Kwizgiver already did.

Do you believe in Santa Claus:

Do you put up a christmas tree:

Do you decorate the outside of your house:

Do you decorate the inside of your house:

White lights or Colored:
colored this year, might switch to white next year.

When do you usually start listening to Christmas music:
December 1

Do you peek at presents:
not anymore

Do you make gingerbread houses:
no, but I love them

When do you start your shopping:
the day after Christmas

Do you like snow:
On the grass, not on the roads.

Do you like to build snowman or have snowball fights:
yes to both

When do you get up on christmas:
when the kids wake me up

What do you do first eat or open gifts:
open gifts

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet:
pretty much

Whats Christmas eve like for you:
Sometimes church. Every year we do the Christmas light drive, too.

What about the day before that:
work, etc.

Are you anticipating christmas:
oh yes!

What is your favorite Christmas memory:
don't have one

Who do you usually spend Christmas with:
my family

Is Christmas usually celebrated at your house or someone elses:
Mine, but this year with my parents.

Do you get everyone in your family a present:
All the children. The adults draw names (first time this year)

What is your favorite Christmas tradtion:
putting baby Jesus in the manger at midnight Christmas Eve.

Do you like eggnog:
in small doses

Do you have any shirts or sweaters with a Christmas design on it:

What is your favorite Christmas album:
John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together

Do you open your presents Christmas morning or Christmas Eve:

Do you go to Church on Christmas Eve:

Do you get a real or a fake tree:

Who decorates the tree:
the family

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