Monday, December 15, 2008

More holiday meme mayhem

Again from Kwizgiver. Can't get enough.

When do you start Christmas shopping?
I pretty much shop year-round

Are you finished shopping?

How many people are you buying for?

What are you leaving out for Santa?
cookies and milk

Name 3 things you want for Christmas:
Rest, Joy, Laughter

Are you traveling this year?

If so, Where to?
Nan and Dann's

What kind of stockings are hung at your house?
Every one has their own kind.

Do you have a fireplace/ chimney?
no, but Nan and Dann do.

Favorite things to get in your stocking?
books or jewelry

Any family traditions?
Lots and lots.

What foods does your family have every year at Christmas?
Nothing specific.

Who is the most fun to buy for?
The babies

Who is the easiest to buy for?

Who is the hardest to buy for?

Who gives the best gifts?
Nan and Dann

Any movies/specials you have to watch every year?
It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Ernest Saves Christmas, Christmas Vacation

Who passes out the presents?
We take turns

Main stores you have shopped at this year:
Great to Be Green, Aeropostale, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Forever 21

What kind of tree do you have?

What are your 3 favorite ornaments on your tree?
I don't think I can choose!

What adorns the top of your tree?
a star

Do you collect anything Christmasy?
I used to collect angels

Whose kids are you buying for this year?
mine, my grandkids, my nieces and nephews (13 all together)

Can you name all 7 reindeer?
of course!

Ever watch Ernest Saves Christmas?
love it!

What's your favorite Christmas drink?

Do you like Eggnog?
in very small doses

What flavor candy canes do you like?

When do you take your tree down?
January 6, we have a last hurrah for Epiphany that closes out the season.

Is Christmas still magical for you?
very much so

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
the feeling

Do you donate at Christmas time?

Do you make sure to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas?

How many nativity scenes do you have in your house?

Have you been naughty or nice?
what time is it?

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