Monday, December 08, 2008

Can you say "sin"?

Built in 1926, this glorious building functioned as a performance space until 1976, when it was converted into a parking garage.
                                 image: Sean Hammerle/ has a photoessay on Detroit's crumbling architecture and abandoned manufacturing buildings. This once-beautiful performing arts center (The Michigan Theater) is now a parking garage. A parking garage? What the hell??

Detroit was a mess when I lived there 20-odd years ago. It looks like it's been downhill ever since. Hammerle is quoted in the photoessay, saying, "In transitioning from a production economy to a service economy, we gave away something that we didn't understand the importance of." His photoessay gives a small taste of what that means in terms of lost jobs, translated into empty business spaces.

Detroit in ruins

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  1. Deeply troubling but possessing degrees of beauty ranging from simply sad to ghastly.