Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving meme

swiped from Kwizgiver, the great, hallowed source of all things meme.

How many Thanksgivings do you attend?
just one

Where do u attend Thanksgiving(s)?
Usually at home. This year, at my parents.

What is your favorite dish?
pumpkin pie!

Do you have turkey, ham, or both?

What, if any, are your Thanksgiving traditions?
Watching the Macy's parade and Miracle on 34th Street

Name your FAV thing about Thanksgiving.
Having all the family together.

Do you use brown gravy or turkey gravy?
Mom's homemade turkey gravy

Do you make anything for Thanksgiving?
Usually I do the cooking. This year I'm supplying a couple of pies.

Do you help clean up after Thanksgiving?

What is your least favorite dish at Thanksgiving?
oyster stuffing (sorry Mom!)

Out of everything you eat at Thanksgiving, what can YOU cook the best?

Do you kill your own turkey?
uh, no

What do you drink with your Thanksgiving feast?
It depends.

Has there ever been a feud during your Thanksgiving?
oh, probably.

What kind of veggies do you have with Thanksgiving?
peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, and turnips. We also have corn and mashed potatoes, but those are not vegetables. They're starches.

Do you have Appetizers before you Thanksgiving meal?
not usually

How many people attend your Thanksgiving(s)?
it varies from year to year. This year it will be more than 12.

Name them:
Parents, children, siblings and their families.

Have you ever missed a Thanksgiving?

Do you eat Thanksgiving leftovers?
love them

What kind of pie/cake/dessert do you eat for dessert?
pumpkin, apple and mince pies. I personally eat pumpkin. As much as I can get.

Do you ever play games at Thanksgiving?
No, we usually watch movies.

Name 3 things you are Thankful for:
family, friends and opportunities.

What time do you eat Thanksgiving?
around 4:00

Is there anyone who has normally attended Thanksgiving, that will not be there this year? Who?
yes, my son, who's living out of state.

Name the funniest person at your Thanksgiving(s):

Which person eats the MOST?

Which person eats the LEAST?

Shortly describe what the women typically do on Thanksgiving.
prepare the meal

Shortly describe what the men typically do on Thanksgiving.
stay out of the way

Do any animals attend Thanksgiving dinner?

If so, do they get Thanksgiving scraps?
They'll get some, but not at table.

Who carves the turkey?
Usually me. This year it'll probably be Mom or Dad.

Have you ever had to make Thanksgiving all on YOUR OWN?

Do you get along with the people you have thanksgiving with?

Baked turkey or Fried Turkey?

Do you eat gizzards?
no, we save them for the animals.

Do you like whipped cream on your pumpkin pie?

Is your Thanksgiving formal, or do you just do whatever?
dressy casual.

Is your Christmas tree set up before or after Thanksgiving?
after, usually on Dec. 6

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you LOVE Thanksgiving?

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