Monday, November 10, 2008

Refugees United

Refugees Unite
You'd think the hardest thing a refugee has to  contend with is leaving their home and homeland behind, running for their lives from war or famine or both, trying desperately to find food, shelter and water.

Could you do it? Probably, if you had to. But now consider, with all that mental trauma, you also have no idea what's happened to your family. In the confusion, or perhaps out of necessity, you've been separated. The authorities can't tell you where they are, and quite honestly, it's not a priority for them. Their priority is maintaining order and trying to get food, shelter and water for you and the other refugees in their care. In some cases, the authorities just don't care.

There are resources for refugees that help reunite families. Let's support them in their work. It's not just kindness, it's decency. It's humanity.

Check out the information at Refugees United.

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