Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life in Rhode Island

We've been here nearly 5 months and I've hardly talked about this place at all. I love it here. We're making new friends, finding new haunts and generally enjoying our time. A few of the places we've gone:

Roger Williams Park
Roger Williams Park - a beautiful landscaped park, with lakes for canoeing and paddleboats, fishing, walking, biking and other activities. There are boat rentals, a giant carousel and lots of things to do. We go there a couple of times a month.

bw giraffe
The zoo inside Roger Williams Park is pretty impressive. We've only been there once, but we plan to go back. We were fortunate to see the Flutterby exhibit and, while we were there, rescue a butterfly from the exhaust fan.

Salem Witch Museum
We've been to Salem and toured the Witch Museum. Salem is a cool place to check out, but I'd save my money on museum tickets.

There have been plenty of other trips, but we'll start off with these.

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