Sunday, October 05, 2008

Is it too late already?

In some states it's already too late to register to vote in the 2008 presidential election. Don't let that stop you from registering. Register now, while you're thinking about it. Get it done, get it over with. It's painless. And when the next election rolls around (mayor, governor, alderman?), you won't have to sit that one out, too.

If you're registered, good. First step's over. Then, you get out, you vote.

Not voting? Then no matter who wins, I don't want to hear you whining about the state of the country. Not for four years. Got that? Whining rights revoked. Shaddup, sit down and next time, vote.

Oh, and remind your friends to register and vote, too.

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  1. I have this on my blog as well. It's a riot.

    Thank you so much for posting the BlogBlast For Peace banner in your sidebar. I can't wait to read your post on November 6th. I am adding your link to my sidebar today.