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Owen Wilson brings a certain slacker-boy charm to just about all his roles. He’s an amusing, non-threatening actor. That’s definitely the case in The Wedding Crashers, the story of two men, John Beckwith (Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vince Vaughn), who crash weddings to meet women.

They have all the props and backstories to fit themselves into any number of ethnic, religious or civil ceremonies, and have been making a career of the game for years. Until they crash the wedding of prominent Washington socialite and promptly set their sites on two of the bridesmaids – sisters and the daughters of a prominent Cabinet member (Christopher Walken).

Isla Fisher owns the role of the crazy, obsessive younger sister, and Rachel McAdams as the older sister has a good rapport with Wilson.

All in all, it's fairly predictable, funny and sweet. As a romantic comedy should be.


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