Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: Splitting Heirs

Python team members once again join ranks to produce a comedy. This one pokes fun at the British aristocracy, the police, golddiggers, Americans and lawyers. But mostly the British aristocracy.

In a comedy of errors, the heir to a dukedom is switched in infancy with another baby. The false heir is raised in America, while the other is raised in a working class part of London. The two meet as adults, where the true heir learns the truth and plots to take his rightful place.

Rick Moranis is adorable (as always) as the rollerblading American, and Catherine Zeta-Jones plays to type as his "adoring" fiancee. The antics of Barbara Hershey as the mother of the heir are a little uncomfortable and overplayed. Eric Idle is... well, Eric Idle. Enthusiastic but warm, and a little over the top. John Cleese, too, plays to type as the mad but somehow still extremely proper lawyer.

There are some good laughs, some groaners, a good deal of smirking. It's not something to watch if you're looking to discover the meaning of life, but it's a pleasant comedy in the Pythonesque style.

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