Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: Sophie's Choice

A powerful movie that unravels as it gels. Stingo (Peter MacNicol) is a young Southern man who wants to be a writer. He moves to the writing mecca of New York and into an apartment (of a beautiful converted Victorian. I'm just saying.) There he meets his neighbors, Nathan (Kevin Kline) and Sophie (Meryl Streep). The two quickly take Stingo under their wing and invite him to dinner, show him around Brooklyn and keep him company.

As their friendship grows, Stingo realizes that both hold secrets. Sophie's tragic history as a Polish Catholic at Auschwitz is revealed bit by bit, giving a better and more complete sense of the character. At the same time, Nathan's secrets are revealed as the character fractures.

MacNicol is the best I've seen him as young Stingo, falling for Sophie's strength and fragility. Meryl Streep owns this movie. Her accent alone is completely convincing. Kline is awesome as the volatile, quickly unspooling Nathan.

The movie will amuse, confuse, delight, shock and and hurt. It's worth every moment.

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