Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: A Night at the Opera

A Marx Brothers classic, also starring Margaret Dumont. Groucho is Otis B. Driftwood, business manager and crafty manipulator, hired to help Mrs. Claypool (Dumont) "get into society." Of course, he loves her.

The real young lovers are a pair of opera singers, she (Kitty Carlisle) being romanced by, and he (Allan Jones) being held back by, a divo (Walter King) on a level with Caruso. Chico and Harpo are friends of the young man and determined to help him make his break in the opera world so he can marry the young lady.

Chico, Harpo and the young lover stow away aboard the steamship bringing them to America, providing the impetus for the famous and hilarious stateroom scene, as well as some harp and piano music on deck.

Boy gets girl in the end (no surprise), but not before wicked amounts of madness and mayhem threaten to bring the opera world down in ashes.

To watch the best Marx Brothers movie, see Duck Soup. For a very good Marx Brothers movie, see this.

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