Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: My Fellow Americans

Mild comedy with James Garner and Jack Lemmon as two former presidents trying to get to the bottom of a scandal that may involve the current president.

Along the way, they travel a good part of the eastern United States, meeting people, dodging the Secret Service and learning a bit about themselves, each other, and the people their policies had affected.

It's a sort of buddy comedy, although the two leads would have been better served with less physical comedy and more of a focus on the politics and personal foibles of the characters. Lemmon's money-grubbing Republican and Garner's philandering Democrat could have been a little less one-note.

Dan Aykroyd received top billing for the movie, but actually has a rather small role. I would have liked to see his role padded out a bit more. All that said, it's a pleasant diversion, not particularly memorable.

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