Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: The Lost Weekend

An interesting character study about an alcoholic who lies to his friends, lover and family in order to keep drinking. He talks about himself as two people: the writer and the drunk. It's as if the two sides of him are at odds, although he comes up with his best material when he's drunk.

Surrounded by people who care about him and try to help, he nonetheless sneaks around to continue on this self-destructive path. If it weren't for booze, he wouldn't have met the woman he loves; the woman who ultimately stands by him until the end.

In true Hollywood style, he theoretically throws away the booze in the end.

Ray Milland is very good as the drunkard Don Birnam. Jane Wyman stands her ground as the loving fiancee in the typical 40's soft but tough dame.

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