Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: The Broadway Melody of 1929

It's fun to see these old movies, and hear the lingo. It's the jazz age, and women are traveling on their own, cutting their hair, wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, and can be stars on Broadway.

And that's just what the Mahoney sisters have done. Queenie and her wiser sister Hank arrive in New York, hoping to get their big break. They land parts in a successful show and work their way up, but Queenie finds herself torn between the struggling songwriter and the sugardaddy.

Queenie goes a little bit wild, and Hank tries to haul her back to earth, with little success. Eventually love conquers all and the movie irises closed on a happy ending.

In between are some cheesy Broadway scenes with bad sound and sluggish dancing girls.

It's cute, but for early talkie girl-comes-to-Broadway-and-makes-good, I'd go with Ruby Keeler.

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