Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie review: Amadeus

A strange and interesting movie about jealousy, religion and music.

Salieri is the composer to the king of Austria in Vienna. He achieved this high position by hearing of the young prodigy Mozart when he was a child, and wanting desperately to create music like that, to glorify God.

Things are going well for Salieri, until Mozart arrives in Vienna. He gets the girl Salieri wanted. He gets the fame and recognition. He has the talent Salieri can never equal. Blessings all, which Salieri prayed so fervently for and has inexplicably been denied.

He's a religious man, in his way. God's hand and decision figure in everything that happens around him. Mozart's middle name is Amadeus: literally, beloved of God. And it seems to Salieri that he is; which sparks burning jealousy. Why am I mediocre? Salieri wonders.

The rest of the two men's lives is spent in competition. Mozart against the pedestrian morals of the Viennese court, and Salieri against Mozart.

It's a pretty good movie, with a lot of Mozart's music in it -- and very little of Salieri's. There are lots of beautiful costumes and scenery, and a few laughs.

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