Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Devilish humor

Over on Gather, there's a guy named Austin Camacho who told a wicked good story.

In one of the bookstores recently I observed two coworkers who were not working together very well. The younger fellow seemed to be thwarting the more mature woman at every turn, although it was clearly unintentional. At one point he tried to help her stack books on an end cap and somehow managed to spill books across an entire aisle. Trembling with frustration she said, "You were sent here by the devil himself just to destroy me, weren't you?"

To which, the young man replied, "Well, yes, I am an agent of Satan... but my duties are largely ceremonial."

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  1. Hey, I'm glad you liked my little story enough to share it! But you didn't tell everyone that I overheard the comment while I was in a store doing a book signing. So allow me a shameless plug for my mystery novels and thrillers, over at www.ascamacho.com

    Thanks, and I'm always happy to make someone smile.