Sunday, June 01, 2008

Book review: Face Down in the Marrow-bone Pie

The author, Kathy Lynn Emerson, started out writing children's books. This is her first foray into adult novels, and an interesting, well-researched one.

The ending is a little pat, but she builds an interesting proto-feminist heroine in Lady Susannah Appleton. The whodunnit gives hints and points in several directions, but the revelation comes without much surprise, and opens the door for possibilities in future books, of which there are several.

I enjoyed the on-again off-again romance between the "tiring maid," Jennet and her beau. Lady Susannah's husband, Sir Robert, has the potential to be a multi-faceted character, even if he is often the antagonist.

Emerson wrote several books in a series based on Lady Susannah, and I may pick up another.

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