Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Eccentric

When I have a mansion and independent fortune, I believe I'll spend my time like Sarah Winchester, the rifle heiress.

photo courtesy of the Winchester Mystery House.

According to legend, she believed the ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles were haunting her, and so kept the house in a constant state of construction to confuse the ghosts. Rooms, floors, doors, windows and basements were added for a total of 38 years, from 1884 to 1922. The craftsmanship of the house is extremely high-quality, with Tiffany art-glass windows and inlaid parquet floors.

I'd buy a big ol' Victorian and add to it...and add to it...and add to it, making a crazy-quilt of rooms and terraces, and decorate each one by haunting antique markets and Apartment Therapy. I'll be able to decorate in all the different colors and styles that appeal to me. Some of the ideas that now only exist in my brain and/or decorating blog will come to life.

I envision theme rooms, a game room, indoor-outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, one of those barbecue pits the size of an industrial oven, dozens of fireplaces of every description...

giant bunny peacock

I'll have a few peacocks roaming the yard. And bunnies. Not hundreds, just a couple as housepets. I'd have one of those little pet restraints in the front seat of my car so I can take my bunnies places with me. I'm not sure what kind of car(s) I'll have. One would be a two-seater, and the other would be as big as it needs to be to hold all my grandchildren.

I'll volunteer in the neonatal ward of the hospital, rocking newborns, and bring the bunnies to the peds ward to let the kids pet them.

I'll probably be the only 70 year old woman rocking babies in a Star Wars t-shirt with a peacock feather in my hair and a bunny at my feet. That's something to look forward to.


  1. Sarah Winchester sounded like quite the character.

    Besr of luck with the mansion, peacocks, bunnies and Star Wars tee. What a wonderfully eccentric dream.

  2. Indeed, quite a sight.
    I'll wish you a good fortune then, so you cna make that dream come true.

  3. Definitely something to look forward to although I think there may be more grannies wearing Star Wars t-shirts than you might think. I think I'll join you and wear my hair in Princess Leaia braids like I did in third grade!