Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #65: I Have a Secret

The padded envelope had been slipped under Lila's door. When she arrived home, it was only half-visible under the Oriental rug, with ECRET stamped in bold red peeking out from beneath the deep blue and green.

Curious, Lilah bent down to pick up the strange package. It was thick, and full of papers. Perhaps a book, she mused.
Although she wondered what was inside, she didn't open it. It couldn't be meant for her. She was a secretary in an insurance agency, not someone who would be receiving mysterious packages shoved under the door of her apartment.

That was it, Lila decided. It was just stuffed under the wrong door. One of her neighbors worked for a law firm or one of the government security administrations. Maybe for a member of Congress. This was Washington, DC after all. A town full of secrets. Top secrets.

She slipped out of her shoes and went over to the couch. The envelope was tossed onto the seat cushion as Lila took off her dove-gray suit jacket and set it aside. At last she sat on the couch and tucked her feet under her, ready to contemplate her mystery again.

As she turned the envelope over in her hands, Lilah thought about her neighbors. In a busy area like Georgetown, most of them were career people like herself. They weren't often home during the day and frequently out in the evening, dating or shopping. Many of them would work late hours when Congress was in session. She didn't know any of them as more than a nodding acquaintance.

Her next door neighbor was a man his late twenties; about her own age. She always saw him in a suit and tie, looking rather nondescript. Across the hall was a young woman, a tall redhead, also always in business suits, never a skirt. Downstairs was a young couple - the only couple in the building...

Finish the ending yourself. Does Lilah open the envelope? What's inside it? What does she do with it?

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