Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Inspiration

Hello Scribblers! As we are coming up on our one-year anniversary, I thought that it would be an interesting time to finally discuss: Inspiration. Do you wait for it? Do you court it? Do you flirt with it a little? Does it come in flashes or in trickles or in spurts? Does it never come? Are you inspired to begin something here? Do you love the word? Hate it? Can you write without it? Is it a small one-eyed creature who lives on your shoulder and whispers in your ear at strange times? Or has inspiration struck just reading the word and you now have something delicious to write for our reading pleasure?

I need inspiration to do most anything. Fortunately, I've found it comes in every possible form. What's-for-dinner is often an inspiration borne of available ingredients, measured against time and energy.

Writing, for me, always takes inspiration. Something...anything to set off that spark and make me say "hey...yeah. I have something to say about that. Or I should." Whoever decided there is no new thing under the sun (most commonly referenced to Ecclesiastes 1:8) was right. It takes something to make something. At least for me. It takes timing, ingredients and energy. The key ingredient is inspiration.

Where does it come from? Everywhere. As a gamer and a writer, I find things in movies, the news, music, television, science, nature, art, scent - every sensory experience that I can take and make different. Or describe and share with others.

It gets combined with my other experiences and ideas, sometimes blending, sometimes cut in roughly until the mixture is crumbled, tumbled and tossed. It may have to brew, percolate or rise awhile before I can coax a finished product out of it. Other times it flows like honey, and all it takes is a simple squeeze to move it from where it's trapped in a translucent maze to pour out, thick and sweet and clear.

And yes, occasionally it falls flat. A thick brick of a thing that, regardless of kneading, warming, resting and careful baking turns out dense and tasteless.

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  1. "Blending of sensory experiences" was a very cool concept and one I had not thought of ;)

  2. I agree that the idea of percolation is essential. Sometimes ideas take time to develop. But it's sometimes hard for me to remember this.