Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunday Scribbings: In the Kitchen

The prompt this week is: "in the kitchen." Heart of the home, right? Whatever inspires you (or fails to) about your kitchen or those of your memories, write about it.

kitchen 1

There it is, in all its faded glory. My kitchen.

When I first moved in, it was worse: completely painted over, cabinet handles and all, in thick white gloss paint. The floors were a depressing gray/brown flowered 70's linoleum.

It took some time and effort, but we repainted the sorry paint job again. I repainted the cabinet and drawer fronts myself. It doesn't beat a complete replacement, but it's served for nearly seven years. I was thrilled at the housewarming gift of the white linoleum tile flooring. It took a long time to get it down, and it's seen better days by now, but oh, in its heyday, it lightened and brightened the whole room.

cabinet detailNow it's grayed and scuffed from too much traffic. It's really time for a replacement - something not white. It's time for a color change too, I think. Red? It's bright, cheerful. Yellow? Green?

Not too long ago, I painted the living room a soft, pale yellow. Carrying it into the kitchen would make aesthetic sense... or it could make the kitchen look like scrambled eggs.

Bright and cheerful red could make the kitchen inviting. Energetic. Or with the blue and white flooring, it could scream tacky Americana. I definitely need to do something about the flooring.

Green? A dark forest green wouldn't go with anything. A pale summer green might be pretty, but it's not really my style.

Perhaps another shade of blue. Perhaps.

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  1. I love what you've done with the fronts of your kitchen cupboards.

  2. The cupboards are amazing! I think any color in a kitchen makes for a nice change- but yellow is always cheery!

  3. I think red would look amazing.


  4. My first thought on seeing those cabinet fronts was, "'re a kitchen witch!"

    I love love love it. It's completely different in feel from all my kitchens, but seems to suit you wonderfully.

    I can't tell whether those stars are sparkly-gold or simply yellow. But have you thought about picking up a tone from them on the walls, just as a light glaze? You know, sort of an overwash. It runs the risk of being too rococo, though. The plain white might serve just as nicely. You don't want to take away from those fabulous cabinets.


  5. So many possibilities for your cozy kitchen - I vote for red (but obviously you should choose the colour that makes you happiest, since you spend so much time in that room).