Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Instructions

I know I'm in trouble when the first thing I type into a post is "see more scribblings here."

To me, instructions are about teaching, and I don't know that I have anything to teach myself. And let's be honest here, I write this blog for me.

What I really need are instructions on how to do things I'm not very good at, like getting and staying motivated, following through, not procrastinating, staying focused, "just do it" I being redundant? It seems like all of these things lie on the same principle.

I'm a fine one for spouting one-liners about it: "Be where you are." "Let's go!" "Up and at 'em." but I also stop talking in mid-sentence because my mind is suddenly elsewhere.

Seriously, I know what it takes to start and follow through. I just seem to completely lack the ability. I'm not sure anyone can actually teach me to get up from my chair.

My first instinct is to turn to Google and look for tips on getting and staying motivated. The thing is, I know them all, I just don't do them. It's like I need to be motivated to be motivated. And I am, sort of. I'm just not.

But enough about me. I'm off to read other peoples' instructions.

See more scribblings here.


  1. I do that mid-sentence forgot what I was saying thing too. All the time. I am such a scatterbrain.

    It is because we are so creative, right?

  2. I hear you - all the great ideas, but procrastination interrupts motivation. Sigh. I think taking things slowly but surely, persistence on a regular basis - can move mountains.

  3. Instructions for procrastination: Have something else that needs to get done, then do everything else.


    Thanks for the read.

  4. Procrastination is the bane of my life. No seriously. I think it's because all of the solutions are so un-sexy. Steady work. Going against your natural instinct to do something ELSE, anything else. Steady work. Bleh.

  5. Hey, I'm content with simply reading your musings on instruction. I'm not one for actually reading the instructions for anything anyway. :)-

  6. You are not alone :) I'm queen of procrastination. LOL