Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookie. The word brings forth images of the Chinese buffet, and my children giggling over the fortunes inside, ending whatever was on the little slip of paper with " BED!" Yes, any fortune cookie becomes both provocative and hilarious when it's sage wisdom or prediction is suffixed. "You are bound for BED!" "You will soon BED!" "The path to true wisdom lies in BED!"

Every now and again if I'm out for Chinese with a group of people for the first time, I'll read my fortune out loud as "Help. I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory."

I think sometimes the little slips are fated. Perhaps the waiters listen in on our table conversations and tuck just the right fortune inside the cookies. A few years ago, I was having lunch with some friends, discussing my desire for a new job. My fortune cookie told me "you will soon embark on a new career." That little 1/2" by 2" slip of paper (and my friends, and their reactions to it) bolstered my confidence. I kept it taped inside my walled for months.

Now, I don't believe in fate, except the one we make for ourselves. I don't believe it's possible to predict a future that's so capriciously influenced by the smallest decisions of people we've never met. I'm still fascinated by things like fortune cookies, pendula, tarot cards and things like that. They may not tell you where your life is going, but they can give you a good sense of where you are right now.

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  1. Lovely post! That's so cute about ending the fortunes ... in bed! :) I agree we make our own fate, but tarot cards, etc. can offer little clues about what's going on at the moment. Still, we already know what's going on, if we just take time to listen to ourselves! Sometimes we get too busy to do that. And by the way about beta blogger - it's tough to try to leave comments. Sometimes it takes three tries before one is accepted.

  2. I thought this was very sage - especially the last paragraph.

    "Help. I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory."

    I was tempted to write a story along those lines. :-)