Saturday, September 23, 2006

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Dream Homes

My dream home is a small stone cottage near the New England shore. I have no photos of one that I took myself, though there is a cute home local to me that has definite possibilities

house by Bartlett Park Bartlett Ill 08052006

Even though it's situated right on the corner of two busy streets, it has a private, nestled look to it.

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  1. Kind of a fairy tale cottage, isn't it? I love the round part. If you end up taking pictures of the place that has "possibilities," please let us know! :)


  2. That is a lovely house, very close to what I have in mind for my dream house. :)

  3. Neat! Very the serpentine topiary near the front door.

  4. What an interesting home! It looks like it is nestled!