Thursday, May 07, 2009

The 2nd 101

This time I'm not going to erase the ones I change my mind about, or that circumstances make me unable to do. Instead I'll strike them out and put something else on that line.
  1. add one decorating tip from the "RI House" tag
  2. attend church 70 times (1, 2, 3, 4)
  3. attend Gaspee Days DONE
  4. attend one Christmas Eve midnight service DONE
  5. attend one Easter Sunrise Service
  6. become conversant in Spanish  watch every episode of the original Twilight Zone
  7. become conversant in Irish Gaelic visit the Bamn! Automat in NYC
  8. blog 50 "good things": 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
  9. bring my lunch to work every day for two weeks DONE
  10. build something out of wood (doesn't matter what.)
  11. buy a new(er) car DONE
  12. create a new weekly photochallenge DONE
  13. check Bear's homework every day 
  14. decoupage the movie towers
  15. eat one homemade salad per week for dinner and lunch for one month
  16. frame more photos to hang in the house DONE
  17. get a canoe DONE
  18. get a hammock DONE
  19. get a new job DONE
  20. get health insurance DONE
  21. get my degree start a new chain community: i {heart} rhody DONE
  22. go canoeing 6 times (7/25/09, 8/7/2010)
  23. go for a 100 mile drive to nowhere, then turn around and come back. Take pictures and write about it
  24. go hiking in the woods
  25. go horseback riding with bear
  26. go meatless for one week
  27. go out on six dates (1, 2, 3)
  28. go to the beach 20 times (6/14/09; 7/11/09; 7/25/09; 8/23/09, 1/1/10)
  29. go to the movies in the theater 5 times: 1-saw Up; 2-saw Inglorious Basterds; 3-saw 2012; 4-saw The Lightning Thief; 5-saw True Grit  DONE
  30. grow and harvest our Halloween pumpkin
  31. grow some type of vegetable that we can harvest and eat DONE (snap peas)
  32. have company over for dinner that I cook myself
  33. have dinner with all five of my children at the same time
  34. learn how to take nighttime photographs
  35. learn the tarot
  36. listen to 100 different works of classical music
  37. lose 30 pounds
  38. make a list of my own Top 100 Movies
  39. make a living will
  40. make a will
  41. make three new friends DONE
  42. memorize the Gettysburg Address
  43. no dirty dishes in the sink for 30 days
  44. no fast food for one month
  45. paint the doors and frames
  46. paint the kitchen
  47. paint the window frame in the bathroom DONE
  48. pay off all my credit cards: Visa1, Visa2, MasterCard, Shell, Monro
  49. pay 25% of my big loan ($3,000)
  50. perform 50 random acts of kindness (1, 2, 3, )
  51. photograph the Unisphere in New York   DONE
  52. pray daily for 1 month pray 100 times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  53. prepare an emergency kit
  54. put together a good toolbox DONE
  55. quit smoking (again) DONE
  56. read 22 books
  57. read a book outdoors
  58. renew Flickr Pro account  DONE
  59. save $1,000
  60. see a live music concert  DONE
  61. see a live play  DONE
  62. see Boston at Christmastime
  63. see Hamlet live on stage
  64. see the "elephant walk" when the circus comes to town
  65. set up a daily schedule and follow it for 1 month
  66. sell 2 more photos DONE
  67. spend a day with my sisters
  68. start couponing DONE
  69. start "green section" in local library
  70. swap the futon for a day bed  DONE
  71. take 5 days off just for me (you just gotta do this on a regular basis)
  72. take a nap outdoors
  73. take Bear to Boston for a photojourney
  74. take Bear fishing
  75. take part in one political activity
  76. take photographs of churches in Providence
  77. take my grandchildren for a ponyride - or at least to a carousel DONE
  78. take my grandchildren for a weekend DONE
  79. try 6 new recipes: 1, 2,
  80. try one food I’ve decided I won’t like without even tasting it
  81. visit Annapolis
  82. visit Coventry
  83. visit grandchildren in Pennsylvania two times (1,)
  84. visit my grandmother DONE
  85. visit Newport DONE
  86. visit Plymouth
  87. visit Roger Williams Park in all four seasons and take photos
  88. visit the Ames Shovel Shops in Easton, Mass. (now on "most endangered historic sites" list)
  89. visit Mystic, Conn.
  90. visit the Kids Kove playground in Barrington 6 times
  91. volunteer 100 hours (3, 6)
  92. watch 10 sunrises (2 on a beach)
  93. watch all the available film versions of Hamlet
  94. watch both the 1959 and 1925 versions of Ben-Hur back-to-back DONE
  95. watch the movies on the AFI list of greatest movie quotes (I don't have to re-watch movies I saw on my first 101 list unless I want to)
  96. watch Time's 100 best movies (I don't have to re-watch movies I saw on the first list of 101 unless I want to) visit Concord, Mass., the Alcott house and Walden Pond
  97. write 350 pages of collab. book
  98. write a minimum 100 words a day for 2 weeks straight (try for every day)
  99. write on the beach
  100. try a new hairstyle DONE
  101. see the boat burning at Halloween on Long Island

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