Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: The Monster

Tori schlubbed to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. It was barely 9:00 on a Sunday morning, so she could technically say she'd slept in, though she knew there were some lucky people who were still tucked in their beds. Then again, the early-risers of the world would be on their second or third cup by now, and church-goers would be bowed in their pews. She much preferred the luxury of sleeping until she woke up without the alarm. That's what Sundays were for, after all.

The coffee maker burbled, and Tori took it as a greeting. A liquid "good morning." The scent wafted up as she poured the dark brown coffee into the thick white mug. She was more awake already. She took a first greedy sip, scalding her tongue. Nearly coherent, now, she thought as she carried the steaming mug to the porch.

It was overcast, she noted as she stepped outdoors. Might rain later. There was a slight chill to the mid-September air that helped wake her and made her look forward to the coming Fall. It was early enough that the neighbors wouldn't be outside to see her thick gray terrycloth robe and matching slippers, she figured. And if they were outside, they'd probably be similarly attired. Maybe she could have dragged a brush through her blonde bed-hair, but that would have required more coordination than she had before her first cup of coffee.

Settling down on one white plastic deck chair, and propping her feet on another, she sipped and looked out on the garden of the house behind her own. Mrs. Kupiak's been hard at it, Tori decided as she buried her nose in coffee steam and sipped. Sometime yesterday the old woman had put in mums in burnt orange, deep red and yellow in anticipation of the change in season. The trees were already showing their colors.

It was a lazy day. Tori had already made her mind up about that. No chores, no work. Just her, the television, maybe a book. She wouldn't even read the paper. If she wanted to, she'd even take a nap. Yes, it was just the perfect day for that.

She drained the mug and let her feet drop to the deck, standing up lazily and shaking gold-blonde hair down her back. Blue eyes once more scanned the yard, taking in the blurry greens and shades of yellow and brown. With a contented sigh, she went back inside to refill her cup.

Her laptop lay on the kitchen table, beckoning. "Remember me?" it seemed to say. "You have reports to write. Forecasts to make. Accounting wants those numbers by Wednesday!"

Tori ignored it, refilling her cup and taking it into the living room. With her feet on the coffee table, a blanket on her lap and the coffee cup in her hand, she flipped on the TV. Godzilla was stomping and smashing his way through Tokyo. She snuggled deeper into the cushions. She'd avoided the real monster.

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  1. Hell yeah! Good for Tori! That is what Sundays are for, I say as I sit with my cup of coffee at 10:30 am...

  2. Terrific description of a lazy Sunday, with an unexpected kick at the end. Love it!

  3. Everyone deserves a lazy Sunday! Glad you did too!

  4. AH, lazy Sundays and coffee... plus a 'B' movie. Sounds perfect.

  5. Loved this! The 'chick needs to remember to make sure her next laptop has that function disabled because the one she has now certainly talks to her like that.