Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Scribblings #18: My Two Cents

My two cents, I've recently learned, actually costs 2.8 cents to create. Apparently, this will lead to economic collapse one of these days. Certainly it bears more attention than war, strife, fire, famine and universal healthcare.

But enough politics.

"My two cents" would indicate an opinion. Thoughts on a subject in particular. Right here, right now, I have no emboldened thoughts. How about a story instead.

It had rained earlier. You could tell by the small rivers running along the curb toward the storm grate. Light bounced off the streaming water in ribbons and sparkles, bright whites and blues. The headwaters began at the top of the block, gaining speed and volume as it raced downhill to waterfall into the grate, splashing, burbling.

A small foot in a pink sandle stomped firmly into the stream. Undeterred, it flowed around the little heel and over chubby toes. Another stomp. A splash as the water jumped, willing to stop and play, but only for a second.

"Traci, don't you ruin those shoes!"

The little feet retreat.

Out of a driveway, the tires of a bicycle cut the stream in half, splash-splash. Some of the water, distracted, tries to chase after it, leaving wet trails in its pursuit. The rest rushes on.

A breeze blows softly, not fast enough to ripple the surface of water that moves still faster, but enough to drop a feather into the water. The downy boat spins and wobbles on its ride.

In the distance, "Traci? Traci!"

The pink shoes are back, chasing the feather down the hill. Too late to catch it before it plummets over the Angel Falls drop and into the drain below. Chubby toes peek out of pink sandles looking down between the slats of the grate. Far below, lit by sunshine sliced by grating, the feather bounces in the churning surf.

"Traci! Come away from there. It's time to go!"

Blue eyes shut tightly. Breathe in-breathe out. Splash splash.

The little feet retreat.

The gridlined sunbeams shine on disks of copper in the storm drain wishing-well.


  1. Great take on the prompt! Love the imaginative story. And where have you been anyway? Your blog has been silent for too long. We missed you. :)

  2. Yikes! That was brilliant! Visually powerful, almost tactile...

  3. Wonderful writing...amazing use of imagery and creative take on the prompt.

  4. Compelling, if I dare to have an opinion, that is.

  5. Oh - I can see those little pink sandals and the chubby little feet in them! Great story! Thanks for sharing it.