Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Scribblings #17: Thief!

When I hear the word Thief, I think first of Tierza (not always, of course, but I did today). Tierza, like Hannah, is an rpg character.

She's beautiful, cold and vain. As many gamers do, I've chosen a celebrity's face for her: the uberlovely Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was a cool coincidence that Entrapment was released about a year after the character was introduced.

Tierza, the gods love her, is a thief. She's good at it, and has been successful with it. She's stolen art, technology, cash, jewelry and people.

Tierza's a mercenary in the most basic sense of the word. Her physical and mental abilities are marketable commodities. This has led her not only into theft and espionage, but military actions and occasionally prostitution. She's a good planner and strategist, and an excellent gymnast.

Her first loyalty had always been to the contract, and she honors her word for the duration. Once that contract is concluded, however, it's every man for himself. In the seven years of her existence, she's learned about personal loyalty.

She married once for duty - and a mistaken notion of love - and bore a child that she adores. Tansiya, named in honor of a good friend, is first, last and always for her. The woman that delivered Tansi ranks second on Tierza's loyalty list. There's nothing Tierza wouldn't do for her, as long as it doesn't negatively impact Tansiya. Then there's her good male friend. Tierza finds him amusing, adorable and generally easy to manipulate. She doesn't know it, but she loves him. He, however, is married, and Tierza is too fond of him to even try to get him to "break the contract."

Tierza's one of those women who's beautiful and knows it. She's alluring, sultry, seductive, and not above trading on these attributes to get what she wants. Although she's been with more men and women (human and alien species) than she cares to count or remember, she's really not interested in sex. It's about seduction as a means to an end.

She's very creative, designing jewelry and other decorative items. As with most of the things she does, this has a practical purpose: once she's stolen a piece of jewelry, she takes it apart and re-sets the stones. She can draw well, but can't read or write, being severely dyslexic.

Her disdain for most people is legendary, and she won't think twice about saying exactly what she thinks, in no uncertain terms. It's not always easy to understand her, however, since her thick French-ish accent and not-always-spot-on command of the language have made for some amusing misunderstandings and exchanges. It was mind-boggling to watch Catherine the Great a couple of years ago and see Catherine Zeta-Jones speak French.

Tierza's been described as "the family cat that nobody has the heart to put down." It's easy to see why others don't really like her, and for Tierza, other peoples' opinions aren't really worth acknowledging unless they somehow impact her or the mission. The description of a cat is apt. Tierza's very feline, and apt to be found curled up or stretched out in the most comfortable place available. She stretches, she purrs, she watches, she pounces. She's flexible, mysterious and unpredictable. She's aloof.

I haven't done much with her recently, but it's fun to remember what she's done, where she's been and how much she's changed while remaining the same.

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