Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Scribblings: Mystery

This week's Sunday Scribblings asks, "if you could have ANY mystery unveiled for you, what would it be?" what to choose, what to choose.

I suppose it would be peoples' motivation, including my own sometimes. Why do people do what they do, say what they say, think what they think?

Can a person's opinion on something be traced back to a specific event? A series of events? What they've learned from others, or what they've experienced first-hand?

Where do hate and love begin and why?

Have you ever had a conversation that's gone off on so many tangents it takes real concentration and backtracking to figure out how you got on the current topic? Something like that. It's a mystery of association of thought and observation, action and reaction, nature and nurture.

Sounds pretty psychiatric, and maybe it is.


  1. yes indeed - and a lot of those conversations have been with myself - even i don't listen to me! i can be on my way to work, thinking about some situation at work and by the time i get to work, i've sorted out how to make the best french toast - but not the work problem.

    where was i...? ;o)

    oh, you're so right, it is a mixed bag of all those things, a real mystery. great post! plenty of food for thought and well told. excellent!

  2. Oh this is so fantastic!! maybe not a conversation...but my mind has wandered to the point of being lost!
    I really do wonder about how we get the personalities we or how we become the person we are.

    Fantastic Post

  3. Motivation is always a fascinating topic. And I've had a few of those conversations branching off into 10 directions. Lovely post!

  4. yes yES YES! I would love to know why some days I actually get up and act on my wishes and others I am a blob of I wish I wish I wish. The mystery of motivation YES!

  5. sometimes I lose motivation even to do the things I enjoy and it's a great mystery within my personality -

    I also know someone who speaks in tangents every day every conversation and it's amazing how I adapt to following along - scary really!

    I like your scribble.

  6. Modivation is a mystery, unless I'm PMSing or menopausing. LOL

    I have been in so many conversations that veer off, I'm thinking it's the norm!

    Good post!