Saturday, May 20, 2006

Three Wishes

Thanks, as always, to Sunday Scribblings for the inspiration.

Three Wishes
What would I wish for? Depends on the day. Sometimes it would be hard to narrow it down. There's so many things to want and wish for. Other times it's hard to find three things I'd actually want enough to wish for.
Wishes are tricky. There are so many things to consider.
First, who's asking?
It matters. How you answer a question often depends on who's asking. They're wishes, after all. What power does the person who's asking have to grant your wishes?
If my children were to ask, I would answer:
  1. I wish for you to be healthy
  2. I wish for you to be happy
  3. I wish for you to be wise
If my parents or grandmother were to ask, I would answer:
  1. I wish for you to be healthy
  2. I wish for you to be happy
  3. I wish for your wisdom
If my friends were asking, I would answer:
  1. I wish for us to be healthy
  2. I wish for us to be happy
  3. I wish we had more time for each other
If nobody was asking, and I could answer from my heart:
1. I wish for my children to be wise
Wise enough to make good choices that bring them health, love, comfort. Wise enough to marry well, and know when their choice is a good one. Wise enough to understand that love grows the more it's shared. Wise enough to understand that sacrifice is necessary. Wise enough to understand that you can't have it all, but you can have enough. Wise enough to choose happiness over sadness, and to revel in silliness. Wise enough to know that they can't change the world, but they can make a difference through their efforts.
2. I wish to be comfortable.
That's a big, round wish. For me to be comfortable, it would include financial, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort. I would be loved. There would be someone for me to share with, laugh with, argue with. Someone to snuggle with and watch movies and take walks. Someone to appreciate and to be appreciated by. I'd have enough money to pay the bills, shop a little, go to the movies once or twice a month, and bank a little. My family and friends would be safe and happy. I'd have work that's fulfilling and allows time to relax and have fun.
3. I wish for tolerance.
Not just mine. I'm thinking globally. I'm thinking of tolerance of thought and ideas. Of lives and love. Of faces and names. Of dress and color.
I'm not asking for complacency. Tolerating hunger or hurt or injustice is not what I have in mind. Judging based on a state of belief, geography, physicality is what I mean.

Three wishes. All of them possible.


  1. Looking at the prompt from the perspective of the "asker" was brilliant. And your well-constructed answers are very thought provoking. I'm glad to have been here today. Thank you. (And thanks for coming to my blog as well.)

  2. Very creative looking at the "asker" and I loved yours :)

    May they come true!

  3. wow - these are powerful wishes from the heart of a powerful woman. thank you for sharing them with us

  4. What a creative viewpoint you've taken here - answers so often depend on the who's asking the question, don't they?
    I especially liked your last set, the ones from your heart.

  5. I hope you get all those wishes! Love the twist of wishes being different, depending upon who's asking. Well done.

  6. Wonderful! I never thought to wonder who was asking.

  7. Your wishes are so introspective and wonderful. And so selfless. Loved it!

  8. I love your wish to be comfortable, because really, for most of us, that says it all...we're not asking for a lot...just some comfort and ease. Lovely.

  9. yes, yes to number two! from a position of strength we can achieve most things.

    well thought and well told!