Saturday, May 06, 2006

My shoes

This is my first try at this... thanks to a nod from Glimmer. Here goes...

I'm wearing my favorite pair of shoes. They're technically sneakers, I suppose, but without arch support. They look a little like dance shoes: black, flat, criss-cross straps across the instep (elastic, not laces). Wildly comfortable. Extraordinarily plain.

These shoes have been to Disney World. It was one of the most special weekends of my life. My beloved and blessed Nana: the source for common-sense wisdom in the Known World, was having her 85th birthday. The entire family converged on Orlando to surprise and celebrate with her. We ate and sang and made a fuss. She laughed and cried and opened present after present. It was the first time my entire family had gotten together in at least five years. We spent the next day at Disney World. My sisters and their children, and me and my children, walking the Magic Kingdom together, squabbling over rides, laughing over the kids' reactions. The Bear was full of wide-eyed wonder. They brought Nana to join us after lunch. Seeing her with the kids made everything...perfect. Joyful.

These shoes have been to San Antonio. On a whim, I flew out to meet my parents when they went there for a business trip. We walked up and down the Riverwalk together. We watched a re-enactment and explored the Alamo. We ate truly mediocre burgers while "Wild Bill" wandered around the restaurant/saloon, shooting at "passersby" and hawking them into the "world's largest collection of antlers." There was a big-toothed grinning banjo player and his less-enthusiastic guitarist performing in the dining area. And if that place didn't have the largest antler collection in the world, it was certainly in the running.

I learned a couple of things that weekend: (1) Texas is nice. I'd never been there and never thought I'd have any particular reason to go, but I went and enjoyed it, and might even go back, if the opportunity arises. (2) San Antonio is further away than Long Island from my house. Something to consider the next time I think my parents are "in the neighborhood." I think it had to do with the time zones. San Antone is in the same time zone as me. Ergo, closer. Notsomuch.

These shoes have been to work. They go with just about anything, and I'm not such a fashion snob that they'd have to. If I have to choose comfort over fashion, guess what wins? If I wear them with black socks, they look like regular ol' black shoes. If I wear them with white socks (the fashion faux-pas of the ages with most black shoes), they look like dance shoes. This is a fun thing.

Do I have other shoes? You bet. And I wear them all regularly. These shoes are tied to three important factors: good memories, comfort and plain-jane appeal.


  1. Great shoes and thanks for sharing your adventures while wearing them!

  2. Wonderful experiences and memories. May these shoes live to tell more.

  3. the best shoes take us down every avenue of life - this was a lovely post, thank you

  4. Love the "dancing shoe" to "sneaker" to "work shoe" flexibility - I could use a pair of those!
    Enjoyed reading about your adventures in that pair.

  5. sometimes plain can be funky. i think that's what you've got there. i can see why they're your faves!