Friday, May 12, 2006

The books I would write...

Another Sunday Scribblings for me.

The books I would write... oh, with hours of time with nothing else to do, I'd write and write and write about whatever makes me happy or captures my attention. Or even just to have something to say. Potential titles, complete with intros:

The Care and Feeding of Absurdity: Embracing the Ridiculous in Everyday Life
I love the ridiculous, the silly, the absurd. The random. This is a list of all things that make you stop and say "Wait...what?" and then laugh. There's quotes and pictures and vignettes, all designed to make me laugh and remember, and hopefully to make you, the reader, laugh and relate. It's also a reminder for anyone who reads this that it's more fun to laugh than to frown, and the ridiculous is all around us, waiting to be laughed at. Including, sometimes, ourselves.

Music that Moves
A compilation of song lyrics that have moved me, spiritually, emotionally or physically. Ever have a song that you have to dance to? That makes you stop what you're doing to listen to the words? That paints a distinct picture in your mind? That makes you cry or makes you laugh or makes you angry? A song that boosts your confidence and makes you feel strong? I hope so. I do. Of course it's not enough to just string song lyrics together and call it a book. Inside you'll also find images and musings inspired by these songs. Maybe a song that makes me dance makes you roll your eyes. There's probably songs in here you've never heard of. That's okay. You might learn something new. You might smile and say "me, too." Or maybe you'll think of your own moving music, and include the lyrics and thoughts and feelings on the blank pages that are there just for you.

The Great American Romance Novel
I'm a self-admitted sap. These pages contain what I hope to be a taut, gripping and ultimately satisfying adventure in love.

McGyvering Jack the Ripper
Using nothing but a Q-tip and some duct tape, I single handedly solve the mystery of "Who was the Ripper" for all time.

The Great American Mystery Novel
Now that I've single-handedly solved the mystery of "Who was the Ripper" for all time, I've decided to write a mystery that no one will ever solve. Ever. You'll notice the last page is missing.

Philosophy in Film
From Star Wars to Nosferatu to Crash, the central philosophical themes of movies and their impact (if any) on popular psyche. With pictures.


  1. So clever - and what a varied selection of topics; any of which would be interesting and quirky stories. Start writing!

  2. Ohmygosh, I love these ideas! I definitely have my own book of "Music That Moves," too. And your philosophy in film book sounds fascinating!

  3. I too am intrigued about song lyrics; a book of them would be interesting

  4. I'm a fan of the absurd; especially mysterious absurdities. Your McGyver-ish solution to the Jack the Ripper mystery intrigues does your unsolvable mystery - you delightfully devious author,you - removing the last page! Why didn't I think of that?

  5. Great ideas! Especially love "Music that Moves"!

  6. Music That Moves---Love it. We need a female take on High Fidelity! Will it be set in Chicago?

    McGyver & Q-tips Very Funny!

    Love leaving out the last page of your mystery novel!

  7. what an inspired list of books-to-be! i think you should start writing - and thank you for the kind words of encouragement you left on my blog yesterday

  8. love the ridiculous, funny book idea a lot - so unique. i hope you do these someday...

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog ... all of these ideas sound fascinating. I'm especially intrigued by the songbook. My husband is very into music and this would actually make a fascinating family album for us. Can't wait to fill the blank pages you leave us!